Bollywood Escort Service

Bollywood Escort Service

XMoon is now ready to offer celebrity escorts in Mumbai. Now you can host the celebrities @ your place. This offer is exclusively available for the existing clients of the XMoon. Thus, this message is an invitation to all the existing elite class clients of XMoon. Just dial the number of our executive and he will give you all the necessary information.

Service Charges

The Service charges for the celebrity escort service is Rs. 6 lakhs. Thus, be ready with the donation in advance, and our team is ready to help you.

“XMoon” The name of the most reliable escort agency of Mumbai

As an existing client, you are already aware about our standard. In addition, you also know that you are dealing with the most reliable escort agency of the Bollywood. Thus, it is easy for you to trust us, and we are ready to keep up the level of your trust.

Moreover, XMoon is known for the secure and safe deals. Thus, if you are in Mumbai, or planning to have a trip in Bollywood, you can contact us in advance.

What you will get in Celebrity Escorts Service?

Celebrity Escorts Film stars of Bollywood and television actresses of Hindi TV serials are available in celebrity escort service. In addition, some south Indian cinema actresses are available to entertain our elite class guests. Therefore, you will get the top class celebrities and known film actors to satisfy your physical and mental desires. It will also give you the feeling of achievement, and fulfills your highest level of want…

Procedure to get celebrity escorts

For the existing Elite Class Clients

  1. You know us. Thus, you know the process well. Simply dial our contact number.
  2. Discuss the topic with our manager, and get the solution.

For the First Timer VIP Clients

  1. You are free to discuss about celebrity escorts service with our operator. However, you will not get the actresses or TV artists in first attempt.
  2. You will need to go through the process suggested by operator. Later on, you will be eligible to host the celebrity escort.

Celebrity Escort Service is Available in Following Cities

  1. Mumbai: Our top priority is Mumbai, because most of the time Celebrities are busy in their shootings. Thus, it is easy for them to manage the time for escort service in Mumbai. However, if they have time, we can arrange your meetings with top Indian celebrities in other cities too.
  2. Bangalore: The connectivity between Mumbai and Bangalore is very good. Thus, on demand, we can send celebrities in Bangalore. However, you will need to pay for their travel and hotel expenses…
  3. Delhi: The air-route between Mumbai and Delhi is very frequent. Thus, if you ask us, we can manage to send the celebrity escort in Delhi too. Simply dial our number, and get the celebrity escorts service in Delhi.

Similarly, we do offer elite class escorts in all the major cities of India. You can get it in Jaipur, Indore, Bhopal, Ahmadabad, Surat and Kolkata.

To hire the service, click here to get the contact details