High Class Model Escort Mumbai: Ankita Ahuja

I am a part of the high profile escorts service providers since 2014. Moreover, now I have to leave this industry. Nevertheless, the show will goes on…

From today, Bhumika will manage this prestigious network of XMoon. In addition, she will manage all the activities of Xmoon for the smooth functioning of Mumbai escorts services.

Thank You for Your Love, Support, and Co-operation

Independent Escort Ankita

Independent Escort Ankita

My journey as a model escort was tremendous. I met many elite class people, and had fun many nights. Some of them are still in touch and giving me support in every step of my life. I would like to thank them for their love and wishes. In addition, I do expect that, you will show the same love and affection to the Bhumika.

What Will Change in Xmoon

Previously, I operate this group single highhandedly with the help of Leather Currency, Mumbai Fun and 62ml. From today, group of GirlF, leaded by Bhumika, manages Xmoon. Thus, you will get more varieties of high profile escorts in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Goa and Kolkata. In addition, they have a plan to expand it to the more cities. However, one thing, which will never change, is the quality of service.

I do available for Elite Class People in Future

I am leaving this industry of high-class escort girls. However, still VIP’s can contact Xmoon to get my personal services. Nevertheless, I will only accept the high-value deals. Thus, go according to your mind and budget.


Generally people are running after money! But, that is not true in the case of High Profile escorts… I am a part of that class, and I am the perfect person to tell you the truth. We girls are coming from the high society. And we girls are earning in 5 figures from our regular profession. We had chosen this line to meet new potential people, and for some fun. But, we do not have any filter to find the right people. Thus, we are charging high amount for the escort service. It is our way to judge the class of the people seeking escort service.

High Profile Escort

High Profile Escort

Why it is important?

Being a prostitute or high-profile escort is not easy. Still in our society, escort service considered as taboo. But, people need to understand that sex is a need, and it has the highest demand. And whatever is in the demand, that need to supply. Obviously, it should not harm anyone. And I don’t think high-profile escort service harm anyone. We girls are exploring our world in our way. We like to meet new people, and we do not mind to have sex with them. And, there is nothing wrong, if in return we are getting paid for our service.

Why Elite Class only?

We are aware about our health, security, and other secrecy related issues. We do not want any kind of interference in our regular lifestyle. And, being a model escort, we do not want to compromise with low-grade people. Thus, we prefer VIP and elite class people. Their way of lifestyle is similar to us. They also like to party, they can spend on luxury like us. And, only elite class people can afford to book a five-star facility for sexual encounters. And, for us a good ambience during the sexual encounter is very important. Thus, we prefer 5 star hotels only.

Hotel Rooms where you can enjoy escort service in Mumbai

Luxury Rooms for Escort Services

Girlfriend Experience…

To have a girlfriend experience from a high-class escort, first you will need to act like a boyfriend. Girls like expensive gifts, and attention. If you act like a boyfriend, then you will get a girlfriend in high-profile escorts.

Some Tips and Tricks
  • Buy an expensive gift, and present her once she enters in your room.
  • After session, offer her chocolates, drinks and food.
  • If your budget allows, give her tip.

If you follow the above mentioned process, you will be in good book of the girl and the agency. And next time, you will get the contacts of better girl and better service.

Elite Class escorts in Colaba, Mumbai

I always believe that, only Elite people can understand the value of Luxury! And, as I am getting too many requests from the most posh locality of Mumbai, thus this time I have decided to shift in south Mumbai. My new address is Colaba, where most of the prime properties and prime people exist.

I am a high profile escort falls in model escort category. Thus, my services are only affordable to the high society people. Therefore, I got all the requests from the south Mumbai. And, most of my time is spoiled in traveling. To avoid that, and for convenience, I have moved to Colaba. Therefore, anyone who wants to hire escort service in South Mumbai can easily get me for the erotic entertainment and sexual pleasure.

Another benefit, which I got after relocated in this area, is getting lot more contacts of beautiful girls. This girls are also interested in involve into escort related activities. Thus, I have built a fresh network here, and pass all these fresh contacts to the Ankita and Leather Currency. Now, they are grooming these girls and trained them to act like a high class escort.

Apart from south Mumbai, I am willing to serve in other areas too. Thus, high society personals located in other areas can book me too for the Mumbai escort service.

Escort Girl in Colaba

Escort Girl in Colaba

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Model Escort Simran in Mumbai – Xmmon

I am happy to announce that the glorious beauty and my friend Simran is also joins my profession, and from today, she is also available for escort service in Mumbai.

About The Background of Simran

She is a Ludhiana based girl, and completed her schooling from Delhi Public School. From her childhood, she was very active in drama and sports. In addition, she was a bright brain too. After schooling, she had done mass-com, and later on moved to Mumbai to follow her dream. Now days, she is active in few television serials and stage shows.

Model Escort in MumbaiIn the other hand, from today, she is active in providing escort service under the banner of Leather Currency. Xmoon is a brightest part of Leather Currency where only high profile model escorts are allowed to work. Thus, I have chosen to introduce from this website to get the maximum exposure among the elite class clients.

Rates for her service

The rate list for her service is given below:

Service/Hours2 Hours4 Hrs8 Hrs
Escort Service in Mumbai₹ 60000₹ 90000₹ 120000

• Advance booking is compulsory.
• For security reasons, booking is not available for first time clients.
• For new clients, other high profile girls are available to escort them. Please contact, for their details.
• Service is also available in other cities like, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Chandigad, Delhi, Indore and Kolkata (only for existing clients).
• For details about escort service in Bangalore, please visit http://rituverma.in/.

New Model Escort Kavita in Mumbai – Presented by Xmoon

Hello friends,

This time I am introducing model escort Kavita. She is a Bangalore based girl with big and beautiful curve body. She is perfect for those who want some mass in their female companion. Her curves are perfect, and her personality is very attractive. I met her in Bangalore, and now days she is in Mumbai to try her luck in Bollywood.

Her age is only 25, thus all the assets of her toned body is wonderful. But the most attractive part of her personality is her face. Because of that only, recently she participated in the famous beauty contest.

Only few days back, she started to work as a part-time model escort. Thus, her presence in Xmoon gives a feeling of fresh breath.

Kavita is highly educated, and loves to travel and party. Thus, you can hire her as a travel escort, or for your business meetings. She is comfortable in both the situations. Moreover, after party or your business meeting she would be happy to accompany you in your bed. Rest of the details about her profile is given below. If you want to hire Kavita for escort service in Mumbai, then please contact on mobile number given on this website.

Please note: Known and Verified clients of Xmoon can get her services in anywhere in India including, GOA, Delhi, Chandigarh, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Model Escort of Xmoon

  • Name: Kavita Acharya
  • Age: 25 Years.
  • Vitals: 36(D)-27-36
  • Skin Tone: Pale White
  • Height: 5.7 Ft.
  • Dressing: Traditional and Western.
  • Hometown: Bangalore
  • Available in Cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmadabad and Hyderabad.

Model Escort Nayantara in Mumbai

Hello Friends,

This time I am going to introduce my beautiful friend high-class escort Nayantara. She is a perfect for high profile escort profile. I met her in Bangalore, where she is working as an IT engineer. But, their, she is not satisfied at all with her income. Thus, she started to provide escort service in Bangalore. Fortunately, I met her in Bangalore, and because of my request, now she shifted in Mumbai.

Like all the other girls of XMoon, she is also available for escort service in Mumbai city. This city has the potential to afford the elite class escorts, and XMoon has the potential to satisfy the desires of high society clients.

Nayantara is now in Mumbai, and because of her beautiful features and my contacts, now she is getting many modeling assignments. I am confident that, one day she will achieve the greatest heights of the glamour industry. But, as of now, to support her finances, she makes herself available for the Mumbai escort service. Thus, high class clients can use this opportunity and get a chance to accompany the sexy escort like Nayantara.


Model Escort NayantaraName: Nayantara

Age: 26 Years

Height: 5.6 feet

Vitals: 36(C)-25.5-35.5

Skin Tone: Pale Cream.

Language Known: Hindi, English, Kannada, Marathi

In her own words

Hello guys,

I am Nayantara. I hope that everything is fine in your life. But, if you are missing the sexual excitement in your life, than you have to contact me. I am ready to fill the colors of sexual flavors in your life. We can meet for a short duration, or for a long time. The duration and days of our relationship is completely depends on you and your capabilities. By the way, for full details about the donations and my contact number, you need to contact on mobile number mentioned in this website.


Multiple New Entries for Mumbai Escort Girl Profile

Recently I got many new requests from the open minded escort girls of Mumbai city. Most of them are struggling models, but some are existing TV serial actresses. These girls are also want to join me, and ready to provide escort services in Mumbai city. Thus, this is a good message for my existing clients. Now, they can get more options in celebrity segment. And the new clients can request for struggling model escorts in Mumbai.

Moreover, this is an information post for the existing clients. Now, they can get few more options in high class segment. Because, we have a fresh stock now… The pictures of some of them are given below. You can check them out here, and for more pictures and booking, please contact on given number.

Mumbai Escort Saba

Mumbai Escort Saba

Mumbai Escort Girl Shreya

Mumbai Escort Girl Shreya

Please note: All the images of the girls given here are struggling models. The real high class models and celebrity pics are only supplied to our existing and verified clients. But if, this is your first time, then also you can contact. Because, there are many other future celebrities are available. Thus, if you hire them, then it will be a good deal for you. You will get the hot and sexy future celebrities in very less price.

Delhi Based Super Model Escort – XMoon

Model Escort Delhi

Model Escort of Delhi

I love to give surprises… And the latest surprise is the girl shown in the picture. She is a Delhi based super model, and one of the best high class girls available for escort services in India. She is only available for the known clients. Thus, if you are a first timer for my agency, then you are not eligible to hire her. For the first timers, we have other profiles which are also hot and belong to high society. But this type of super model profiles is only available for known customers.

Known customers can get her in Mumbai, Thane, Noida, Delhi, Kolkata, Chandigad, Ahmadabad, Bangalore and Hyderabad. You can get to know more about her and service charges by calling your friend Ku-Ku. His number is mentioned in this website.


Name: Antara

Profession: Modeling and Acting

Height: 5.7 Ft.

Weight: 56 Kg.

Vitals: 36(C) – 26.5 – 35.5

Service Area: Anywhere in India, but preferred locations are Mumbai and Delhi.

Service includes: Girlfriend Experience, Party Companion, Travel Companion, and Companion in Business Meetings.

Rates: Travel Expenses + 2.5 Lakh Per Day.