GirlF Mumbai is the new escort service organization, which started its operations under the guidelines of Leather Currency. GirlF is an organization, which offer low budget escort girls in Mumbai. The concept of GirlF is to organize the escort girls on locality basis and provide them a platform to serve the escort service seekers.

Moreover, GirlF is a group of call girls offering their services in their locality only. Thus, whenever someone requires hiring call girl in localities like Juhu, Bandra, Andheri and Goregaon, we supply the details of the local escort girls. However, our range is lower. Thus, anyone can get the escort girls in Mumbai by paying fewer amounts.


Localities, which we cover

The presence of GirlF is mainly in North Mumbai. Which covers Juhu, Andheri East and Andheri West, Goregaon East and Goregaon West and BKC areas.

Escort Service Localities in Mumbai

Rates for the Escort Services offered by GirlF

The rates for the GirlF are starting from Rs.10 thousand for short time and Rs.25000 for night. Thus, any individual can enjoy our escort services in Mumbai. However, if you want to get better profiles, you can get that from XMoon and Mumbai Escorts fun. These two companies can give you the chance to date real model escorts and celebrity escorts in Mumbai.

Escort Service Rates in Mumbai

How to Contact GirlF for Escort Service in Mumbai

The process is simple. You can visit our website and get the contact details. Alternatively, you can contact the XMoon to reach us. We both the organizations are the part of the reputed Leather Currency. This company is famous for the genuine escort services in India.

Suggestion for the Escort Service Seekers

Genuine Escort Agencies of Mumbai

We understand that the search for the genuine escort service provider is tough task for you. Specially, it is tough task for the travelers. There are many fraud agencies growing now days, to cheat the people. In addition, some gangsters are active in this industry and looting the people.

Thus, to avoid any unpleasant situation, it is important for you to get the details of the genuine escort agencies. Leather Currency has solved this issue by providing assistance to the escort service seekers. They are operating escort business in multiple cities of India. Thus, wherever you are, you can contact Leather Currency. Moreover, they will give you the verified choices. In addition, you can trust the leather currency verified escort agencies. If you find the name of Leather Currency at the bottom of the webpage and it redirects you to the official website of Leather Currency. That means the agency is genuine, and you can trust them.

New Independent Escort Neha – Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi

Elite Mumbai Escorts

Elite Mumbai Escorts

I am Neha… I am an Independent escort. I am helping elite individuals to satisfy their desires related to sex. In return, I am getting financial help from them. In addition, the job of mine helps me to fulfill my sexual needs too. Thus, I like my profile and ready to serve more people searching for high profile beautiful escorts in Mumbai.

Special Thanks to XMoon

It is not easy for the escort girls to get the right people in their life. Sex is still a taboo in our society, and escorts service is termed as prostitution. However, it is just a half-truth. Yes, we girls are ready to offer sexual benefits against money. But, we are not pressurized to do so. We are willingly giving sexual benefits to those whom we like, or who pay us as per our expectations.

XMoon is a platform that gives us the chance to meet elite people. Even they are very careful about our choices. Thus, I and other like-minded high-society escorts of Mumbai are using their services. Thus, if you want to hire high-profile escorts in Mumbai, you will need to contact XMoon.

About Me

I am 26 years old, and trying to explore my limits. Right now, I am working for a big aviation company. My job is to host the people in aircraft, and help them during their journey. Thus, most of the time, I am in the flight and traveling the world. Therefore, I do not have much time to get any engagement with people. Thus, to get the short-term sexual benefit, I used to work as an independent escort.

 Contact to get the Escort service in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi

Usually I offer escort services in Mumbai. However, if I get a good deal, I am ready to serve in Bangalore and Delhi. For outstation service, you will need to arrange the hotel accommodation and flight tickets for me. In Mumbai, the rate for my service is Rs.80, 000 for short time (2 to 3 hours). For overnight stay, I am taking Rs.1, 20, 000. Moreover, I prefer to serve overnight. It helps me to make myself comfortable with my host. I do prefer to drink during the meeting. Thus, please do bring the good wine for me…

Contact Details

Click here to get the Mumbai Escorts Service Booking Number.

Beauty is something that everyone desires. We all want to be fit and presentable. However, we can control something, and something is out of control. You cannot control time. Nevertheless, you can control the people… Escort Service Andheri

Escort services are the medium, with which powerful personalities control the beautiful girls. By giving financial benefits to the some women, they are getting physical pleasure from them. In escort service, pleasure can be sex, touch, hangout, or casual talk… High-Society male can decide their preferences, and hire the girl as per their need.

Story of a Model Escort – Part 1

I am Yasmin Baba, and I am a model escort. That means, I am into modeling profession, and do provide erotic pleasures to the high-society males. In return, I am getting handsome amount as per my demand. Thus, it is a kind of short-term contract in which both the parties get benefited. Escort Service Colaba

I am working independently. However, to get the right client I need to depend on escort agencies. In Mumbai, I am associated with XMoon and Leather Currency. In Bangalore, I am associated with Ritu Verma and Bhumika Pandit. In addition, in Pune, I am associated with Pune Escort Place. Thus, if anyone want to accompany me, and want to get fantastic escort service in Mumbai, he can. That person needs to contact either Xmoon, or Leather Currency.

You can trace me…

Moreover, I am here to interact with the world. Thus, you can follow me by following this website by adding your email-id on the subscription section. Whenever, I will add any stories about me, or any offer or update, you will get the notice. It will help you to keep update yourself about Mumbai escort service, and model escorts available in Mumbai. Therefore, act smart, and subscribe this website now. In addition, you can inform your close friend about this Mumbai escorts service site. Escort Service Goregaon

However, online connection is not enough. Thus, please contact XMoon, and ask for me. If I am free that time, I will respond instantly. Otherwise, you can leave a message for me. However, at that point of phone call, you can ask other beautiful and high-class escorts to satisfy your instant feeling of lust.

Where do I prefer to serve as a model escort?

My home location is in Goregaon. Thus, I am not serving in that locality. However, you can contact XMoon to get escort service in Goregaon. They have huge collection of high-profile escorts in all the localities of Mumbai. Moreover, I prefer to offer escort service in Colaba, Marin Drive, Church-Gate, and Andheri West. Juhu area is also fine to serve escort services. Thus, if you want to get the escort service in Mumbai from me, please contact Xmoon. In addition, please book a hotel room in advance. In addition, be ready to show your lust side.

Escorts Service in Bandra Curla Complex, Mumbai

Mumbai Escorts Service

Do you want to hire someone to enjoy escort service in Andheri and Bandra Kurla Complex? We have good news for you. To help our corporate clients, we started a new segment that deals near BKC and Mumbai Airport. Thus, now you can get the best girl to enjoy the escort service in Mumbai.
However, we deal in high-profile segment. Thus, if your budget is low, please bother us. Our aim is to give the most beautiful and high-class escort in Mumbai. Thus, for us, it is important to find elite class clients. Otherwise, it will be a mismatch.

How do we manage to offer Elite Class Escorts?

We have our network in Indian film industry. In addition, most of the model escorts of the country trust XMoon. We never share the details of elite class escorts to the unwanted public. Those who deserve to date high society escorts, only they will get the information. Thus, XMoon is the best place for you to find the model escorts and celebrity escorts.

Why Profile is important in Escort Service?

Profile is important, because, there is no other way to filter the right choice for you. There are millions of prostitutes are present now a days. Nevertheless, are they all eligible to share the bed with you? The answer is no. Therefore, we need to create some criteria that filter the right women for our reputed Mumbai escort agency. Thus, we enroll those girls who are beautiful, sexy, and well-educated. In addition, the girl should presentable. Otherwise, you will face the challenges in hotel or other public areas. Therefore, escort of high-profile status is the most important criteria to satisfy the clients of elite class.

Ways to contact High Profile Escorts…

The method is simple and traditional… You will have to contact the right escort agency of Mumbai. Moreover, XMoon is the best agency for you. We have the best girls, and friendly team to help you. Thus, feel free to contact us for the escort service in Mumbai, or hotels near Andheri and Bandra Kurla Complex.

High Class Model Escort Mumbai: Ankita Ahuja

I am a part of the high profile escorts service providers since 2014. Moreover, now I have to leave this industry. Nevertheless, the show will goes on…

From today, Bhumika will manage this prestigious network of XMoon. In addition, she will manage all the activities of Xmoon for the smooth functioning of Mumbai escorts services.

Thank You for Your Love, Support, and Co-operation

Independent Escort Ankita

Independent Escort Ankita

My journey as a model escort was tremendous. I met many elite class people, and had fun many nights. Some of them are still in touch and giving me support in every step of my life. I would like to thank them for their love and wishes. In addition, I do expect that, you will show the same love and affection to the Bhumika.

What Will Change in Xmoon

Previously, I operate this group single highhandedly with the help of Leather Currency, Mumbai Fun and 62ml. From today, group of GirlF, leaded by Bhumika, manages Xmoon. Thus, you will get more varieties of high profile escorts in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Goa and Kolkata. In addition, they have a plan to expand it to the more cities. However, one thing, which will never change, is the quality of service.

I do available for Elite Class People in Future

I am leaving this industry of high-class escort girls. However, still VIP’s can contact Xmoon to get my personal services. Nevertheless, I will only accept the high-value deals. Thus, go according to your mind and budget.


Mumbai Escorts Service Update

Hello Folks,

Your model escort is online again. I am busy now days. I will have to complete one of my web-series. You can watch that in various online media platforms. However, it will take some time.

Mumbai Escorts Service

Mumbai Escorts Service

Moreover, I met many new girls in between. Thus, there are many new high-class escort girls are now available to offer escort service in Mumbai. This time, I am not giving you information about any specific girl. Nevertheless, I would like to assure you that all the girls are very sexy and hot. Thus, if you want to hire new entries in model escorts segment, feel free to contact me, or my manager.

Age Range of Model Escorts

The age range of Model escorts is in between 19 years to 32 years. Thus, you may select the age range this time. In addition, you can ask me to offer more mature escorts in Mumbai. Some women of elite class society also join me, and now they do give escort services to the clients of Xmoon.

Model Escort Service is Available in Following Localities of Mumbai

Generally, I offer escort service in all localities of Mumbai. However, some localities are preferred due to easy access and presence of good five-star hotels. The list of localities in Mumbai, where you can get the model escorts are given below:

  1. Andheri East and Andheri West.
  2. Juhu Tara Road
  3. Bandra Kurla Complex
  4. Goregaon East and Goregaon West
  5. Jogeswari
  6. Colaba
  7. Paali Hills

You can find a good hotel in the localities mentioned above. Just reserve your hotel room, and contact me for the booking process. My manager or I will help you further by providing the options via sharing the images of high-class escorts of Mumbai. You will need to select any of them for your entertainment.


Get the Escort service from High Society Females in Mumbai

Apart from Model escorts, there are many females of High Society are also present in my girls gang. Some of them are house-wife and some are working professionals. Thus, this time I am giving you a chance to have an affair with the female’s escorts of high society.


Beauty is a nature gift, but it is our duty to maintain it. To maintain the beauty, girls need motivation. And escort service is the field, where girls are rated based on their beauty. Females of escort industry, are working hard to get the best ratings. In addition, escort service helps them to cover their finances.

Sexy and High Society Working Females for Mumbai Escort Service

My group is very dynamic, and social. Thus, existing girls of my group get the contact of interested females. Later on, after all verification and medical checkups, we allow them to work for Mumbai escort service. If you want to hire such high society girls, then you can contact me. And, if you are planning for later, then also you can give me a call for information and pictures of these girls.

Service Area

Despite the fact that I am providing escort service in all corners of Mumbai, some areas are my favorite. South Mumbai and Central Mumbai are the zones where I mostly provide escort service. Thus, if you are in Colaba, Kala Ghoda, Andheri West and Juhu, you will get the fastest response from our side.

Contact Details

Contact details for Mumbai escorts service is mentioned in the contact page of Xmoon. There you can fill the contact form. Mobile number is also mentioned in that page. For fast response, you can call us directly. We are committed to provide you the best solution in high profile escort service segment.

Generally people are running after money! But, that is not true in the case of High Profile escorts… I am a part of that class, and I am the perfect person to tell you the truth. We girls are coming from the high society. And we girls are earning in 5 figures from our regular profession. We had chosen this line to meet new potential people, and for some fun. But, we do not have any filter to find the right people. Thus, we are charging high amount for the escort service. It is our way to judge the class of the people seeking escort service.

High Profile Escort

High Profile Escort

Why it is important?

Being a prostitute or high-profile escort is not easy. Still in our society, escort service considered as taboo. But, people need to understand that sex is a need, and it has the highest demand. And whatever is in the demand, that need to supply. Obviously, it should not harm anyone. And I don’t think high-profile escort service harm anyone. We girls are exploring our world in our way. We like to meet new people, and we do not mind to have sex with them. And, there is nothing wrong, if in return we are getting paid for our service.

Why Elite Class only?

We are aware about our health, security, and other secrecy related issues. We do not want any kind of interference in our regular lifestyle. And, being a model escort, we do not want to compromise with low-grade people. Thus, we prefer VIP and elite class people. Their way of lifestyle is similar to us. They also like to party, they can spend on luxury like us. And, only elite class people can afford to book a five-star facility for sexual encounters. And, for us a good ambience during the sexual encounter is very important. Thus, we prefer 5 star hotels only.

Hotel Rooms where you can enjoy escort service in Mumbai

Luxury Rooms for Escort Services

Girlfriend Experience…

To have a girlfriend experience from a high-class escort, first you will need to act like a boyfriend. Girls like expensive gifts, and attention. If you act like a boyfriend, then you will get a girlfriend in high-profile escorts.

Some Tips and Tricks
  • Buy an expensive gift, and present her once she enters in your room.
  • After session, offer her chocolates, drinks and food.
  • If your budget allows, give her tip.

If you follow the above mentioned process, you will be in good book of the girl and the agency. And next time, you will get the contacts of better girl and better service.

Elite Class escorts in Colaba, Mumbai

I always believe that, only Elite people can understand the value of Luxury! And, as I am getting too many requests from the most posh locality of Mumbai, thus this time I have decided to shift in south Mumbai. My new address is Colaba, where most of the prime properties and prime people exist.

I am a high profile escort falls in model escort category. Thus, my services are only affordable to the high society people. Therefore, I got all the requests from the south Mumbai. And, most of my time is spoiled in traveling. To avoid that, and for convenience, I have moved to Colaba. Therefore, anyone who wants to hire escort service in South Mumbai can easily get me for the erotic entertainment and sexual pleasure.

Another benefit, which I got after relocated in this area, is getting lot more contacts of beautiful girls. This girls are also interested in involve into escort related activities. Thus, I have built a fresh network here, and pass all these fresh contacts to the Ankita and Leather Currency. Now, they are grooming these girls and trained them to act like a high class escort.

Apart from south Mumbai, I am willing to serve in other areas too. Thus, high society personals located in other areas can book me too for the Mumbai escort service.

Escort Girl in Colaba

Escort Girl in Colaba

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