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Pune Escort Place – New Branch

Good News for the residents of Pune. One of the reliable escort agencies of Poona city is now worked under our brand name. Thus, from now, residents of Pune also can enjoy the closeness with high-class escorts in their home town. From today, I am managing the requirements of female in Pune city. Thus, from time to time, I will enroll the high society escort girls to satisfy the desires of elite class people of Pune city.

Model Escort Pune

Model Escort Pune

Moreover, this is my status update. And, I am announcing my start-up of escort service in Pune city. I named it PUNE ESCORT PLACE. Thus, from today residents of Pune can get the high-class females at their doorstep. As that unit is totally independent from Xmoon’s Mumbai Escort service, thus we have created a new website ( to manage that segment properly.

In addition, to keep the freshness, I have decided to use the rotation policy. Therefore, every time you when you visit Pune escort place, you will get a new model escort in Pune. I assure you all that, I will maintain the high standards in Pune. There also you can get all the girls, which are available in Mumbai. And, someone demands for actress escort or celebrity escort in Pune, than I can manage that also.

Therefore, if you are a resident of Pune, then no need to travel to Mumbai. Because, for you, I will send the high-class females at Pune escort place. Thus, go there and get the beautiful girl to satisfy you sexual desires.

Busty Model Escort Mumbai

Independent Model Escort

Hello friends,
First of all, I would like you apologize for my less involvement. Actually, I was busy with one mega budget movie. Now, it is on the floor. Thus, again I am here to present something new. Her name is Yougita, and I saw her on the same movie set were I was acting. Well, she is super sexy and busty model cum actress. Right now she is struggling to get some fame. But, till that time, she need to sustain with her good looks, body features and lifestyle. Thus, when I told her about my profile, she requests me for the membership. Well, this is what I want… Because, as an owner of high-profile escort agency, this is my duty to introduce new faces to keep the freshness.

Moreover, Yogita is now working for me. Thus, if you guys want to enjoy her company in your bedroom, just contact on given number. This girl is tall, bust and beautiful. Thus, she is the perfect choice for any escort girl lover. You can get her in Mumbai, or in Pune escort place or even in Bangalore. In addition, known male friends of mine, can get her in any city of India. If you are new, than this is a chance for you to enter into my friend zone. You just need to get a girl from me once. And, you will be in my friend list. Later,I would provide you the model escort at any place where you demand.

At the end, I would like to thank you people for visiting my website. Now, you can proceed to contact my manager KU-KU Kunal for booking related queries.

Hi, I am Megha… I am an independent model escort. I love to travel allot, thus in this industry I am also known as travel escort.

I am a Mumbai based girl, stayed near Boriwali west with my Mom. I am in this field to support my finance, and to satisfy my own sexual desires. I have the responsibilities of my mom, thus it is not possible for me to engage myself into any serious relationship. I have to earn for my living, and for that I am working as a part-time side actress and model escort.

High profile escort Megha

Erotic Services in Mumbai

Thus, for me escort service is a medium of earning as well as sexual satisfaction. In the short duration of companionship, I always try to get most out of that shot duration of relation. I love to engage myself into sexual acts, and my erotic acts help my partner to arouse. Well it is not possible for me to describe every moments, moreover it is matter of experience. If you or any of your friend wish to experience such erotic moments, than feel free to contact.

Model Escort – Rits

Hello Friends, This is Rits. I am also a Model escort, mostly working in Bangalore city. I am 23 years old, and having more beautiful physical features than most of the girls providing escort services in India. I have big boobs and perfectly toned waistline. My skin color is fair and face is photogenic. All this physical qualities of mine males me perfect female for modeling. In addition, my soft nature and inner sexual desires makes me perfect for female escort services.

Mumbai Escort Service by Leather Currency

Recently I joined Leather Currency, which is the most trusted brand between escorts service seekers in different cities of India. Now, as I am a Leather Currency member, thus people of Mumbai also can request me for Mumbai escort service. This website XMoon run by Ankita is also a part of Leather Currency network, thus you can also contact LC via the mobile number mentioned on this website.

Model Escort

Escort Service in Bangalore

And, if you want my services in Bangalore, then please visit my personal website or contact me via mobile number given on this website. In Bangalore, many of my female friends are also providing escort services. I and all my female friends of Bangalore are belong to elite class society, and we gives escort services to the same class of males only.

Note: Please consider this note as my invitation, and feel free to ask about me for escort services. Thanks.

This is really incredible to see many high profile escort girls in one place. As per my opinion Ankita Ahuja is doing really well by providing a platform to other high class girls in her personal website. She is a model escort, as well as well educated (software-engineer). Because of her effort and her website development skills, now call-girls like me and millions of escort service lovers are getting benefited. I wish that people keep sharing this website with their friends, so that their friends also get a chance to hire high class call-girls in Mumbai and Thane city.

Escort Girl Ritu Verma

I would like to advice Ankita to make a social platform in this website, where escort girls and clients can interact directly. I hope that this advice will be considered and she will attach a new interactive panel soon in this website.

Foreigner Escort Kristy in Mumbai

Hello friend, this time I have good news for those who want to date foreigner female escorts in Mumbai!

She has recently joined Bollywood, thus she is now staying in Mumbai permanently. She is from London, and had a experience to provide escort service there. To manage her appointments she is taking the services of MumbaiFun, which is the leading escort agency of India. She is obviously sexy, hot and bold, that is why she is in Bollywood to try her luck like some other foreigner film actresses.


Foreigner Female Escort

Foreigner Female Escort

Most of the time she is busy in her acting classes, language classes, yoga classes and gym to make herself fit for the Hindi film industry, thus the erotic services which she offers is rare and expensive. In regular days (Monday to Friday) the rate for the escort-services provided by Kristy is 1 Lakh 75 Thousand rupees per hour, and for weekends (Saturday and Sunday) the rate is 2 Lakh 50 thousand rupees per hour.

If you can afford to pay what she demands, then you can hire her and break her ego, otherwise you can hire beautiful Indian model and actress escort girls from MumbaiFun. You just need to contact on mobile number given on the contact page, and the booking manager will guide you for the next step.

Don’t Tag me Call Girl, I am a high Class Female escort!

Don’t Tag me Call Girl, I am a high Class Female escort!

Model Escort

I am Nishtha Shukla. Like other escort girls, I am also here to inform you about my availability for escorts’ services in Mumbai. But wait; first get the details about my service charges… I am charging on hourly basis to accompany gentleman, which is 80 Thousand/Hour. And I am maximum available for 3 hours and minimum service hour must be 2 hours. Thus for a single session, my service charges are 1 Lakh 60 Thousand rupees. And if you wish for double love making sessions, then it will cost you 2 Lakh 40 Thousand rupees.

About me: I am a female model and my job is to endorse services and FMCG products. I am also trying to join film industry, and I am sure that one day I will act for some big budget movie very soon. Most of the time I am busy in making my body perfect, thus most of the time I am either in gym or in beauty parlor. I enjoy the moments when people keep their eyes on me or making fantasies about me.

I like those people who have potential to convert the fantasies into reality… If you have this quality, then you can hire me to get the world class escort service in Mumbai city by an Indian girl. Simply contact on mobile number given on this website to book my service slots.

Escorts Services in Bandra Kurla, Mumbai

Good news for those who are searching for escort services in Bandra Kurla area, including Bandra-Kurla Complex. Now we have decided to cover this area too. Our female model escorts are now ready to move to that area if requirement arise.

People staying in this area, or those who are staying in any hotel of Bandra Kurla can contact my team to get the high-class escort girl at their doorstep. But you need to know one thing, that now we are very popular escort agency, thus we are getting 1000+ calls per day, so most of the time my team is unable to read and reply all the mail and whatsapp messages. Thus, this is my humble request that, give us a direct call instead of writing in comment box and filling the contact form. Give us a chance to understand you and your requirements.

Bandra Kurla Escorts

The service charges for high class escorts services in Bandra Kurla area of Mumbai is starting from Rs.35000, in which we can provide you beautiful high society female escorts, and if you are interested in REAL MODEL ESCORTS in Mumbai, then you will have to spend Rs.1.5 Lakh or 2Lakh.

Choice is yours, what you want, and if you already make a mind that you only want high class escort in Mumbai, then act fast and give a call on mentioned contact number.

Hello friends. This is Kamya Pradhan. I am an independent girl, and I am very ambitious. The reason being here is to introduce myself as Independent model escort. Recently I met model escort Ankita in some Bollywood party, and find that she is exactly thinks like me. Before meeting her I did not find any trustworthy platform, thus in past I did not involve in high class escort service industry.

But now, I am also available to provide erotic entertainment and complete sexual pleasure to elite class people of India.

I am a tall-girl with all the beautiful features that needs to attract anyone. In reality I am a female model, and a fitness trainer. Thus, it is hard for you to resist yourself from my attraction. I am 28 years old female, and in past days I did many ramp-shows and acting for TV serials.

In addition, I am a complete party girl, and I love to travel a lot. I like those males who give respect to the women, and do not mind to date with a open minded girl.

One more thing, I like to spend romantic nights, thus if you want to get escort service from me, then you will have to book me for the overnight, so that we can spend some quality time with each other. Also you will need to offer me red-wind, which is good for sexual stimulation.

High Class Escort Kamya

Hire Me for Escort Service…

By the way, I want to date someone whose class is equivalent to me or higher. And for this short-term encounter, you will have to pay me 1.5 Lakhs rupees. If you think that the 1.5 Lake is unaffordable for you then I am definitely not for you. Because, I am only available for elite class people, who can satisfy my sexual desires.

And lastly, I am thankful to Ankita for giving me this platform. Anyone want to know more about me, or want to hire me to get escort service in Mumbai need to contact the team of Ankita.

Trishna Ganguli

Hello friends, I am Trishna Ganguli. Basically I am from Kolkata, and completed my higher education from Bangalore. As of now I am staying in my Mumbai with friends. In Bollywood, I am trying to get into mainstream Hindi cinema. As a part-time job I am working as a model as well as providing escort services in Mumbai city.

I would like to make it very clear that I am not available every-time for everyone. I have chosen to offer sexual pleasure to the elite class society, and expect the high level of sexual pleasure for me from other end too. In addition, I do not mind to make friendly relations with my clients and would love to go out for party or casual hangouts.

Independent Escort in Mumbai

Independent Escort Girl Trishna-Ganguli

One more thing I would like to clear here. In our first meeting I am not comfortable to meet in any privet place or flat, thus client need to book a room in any 5star hotel near Mumbai Airport or Andheri Area. Also client need to pay me 1 lakh 50 thousand for each sexual encounter, which is not more than 2 times in a night. If you are agreed with my terms and capable to hire high class escort like me, then feel free to contact on numbers mentioned in this website.

Thank You.